Calibrated and Certified Rulers

Certificate of Calibration

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We offer Highest Precision Calibrated and Certified Rulers with engraved graduations in 1mm increments on the top edge and 1/32"increments on the bottom edge.  They are made of Hardened and Tempered Steel with Matte Satin finish.    The rulers listed below come with individual Certificates of Calibration issued by an independent accredited laboratory, and are traceable to NIST.  Unlike our competition, we don't issue the certificates ourselves.  Their accuracy is fully verifiable because it is checked by  by an independent accredited laboratory regulated by NIST.

calibrated rulers

6" Calibrated Certified Rulers
12" Calibrated Certified Rulers
24" Calibrated Certified Rulers
39" Calibrated Certified Rulers
60" Calibrated Certified Rulers
118" Calibrated Certified Rulers
Calibrated Certified Rulers longer than 118"