Customized Medical Rulers & Templates

Promote your business with your company's name, slogan, contact information, clinical study I.D. #, etc... on a ruler to your design including your shape and size.

All rulers are made exactly to your specifications!

High quality, competitive prices, fast delivery time, individually wrapped.

VAS Ruler

Pit Medical VAS Ruler with a slider
indicator made of Stainless Steel

Abbott Spine VAS Ruler made of

Avocet Burn Scar Scale made of clear

Popper Standar Stubs Gauge made of
Stainless Steel 

Arrow Catheter French Scale made of
Stainless Steel 

Gestation Calculator

iZone PD Ruler made of white PVC

Perfect PD Ruler made of white PVC

TeleEMG Nerve Conduction Gauge made
of white PVC

    Oncology Ruler made of white PVC                           Vaccine reaction scale made of white PVC


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